Tuesday, July 8, 2008


Ok...this weekend I saw one of my favorite people in quite the kick-ass show, Altar Boyz. To all of you in the Salt Lake/Park City area,


I promise you will laugh, be inspired, possibly offended, and have an all around great time. My darling friend, Josh Black, along with four other extraordinarily gifted cast members (including the beautifully talented Thomas Marcus) present an upbeat parody-musical of a Christian boy band. These five guys are fantastic vocalists and never seem to be out of breath (despite the 90 minute non-stop show in which they spend every second on stage...dancing).

Anyway, if you are cool enough to go see the show, you will certainly understand my passionate view.

Here is the website to read more about it (and purchase tickets).

http://www.egyptian theatrecompany.org/2008_Season_Pages/Altar_Boyz_08.html

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Andrew and Ariel said...

Ol' Josh doesn't stop to take a breath between shows, does he? Sounds like fun. I couldn't see the link in the post, but maybe it's my computer. Hope all is well!