Monday, June 30, 2008

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

When pondering what would be blog-worthy from my weekend, I decided that my lazy unassuming weekend that can be defined into three distinct groups: The good, the bad, and the ugly.

The Good: Pixar's WALL-E.
I saw it twice this weekend (not only of my own free will but of my demanding desire). This movie is pure happiness. I cried (both times I saw it) simply because it was too sweet. In order to express my bursting heart, I had two options: I could have 1. Burst into song (usually frowned upon in movie theaters) or 2. cried buckets. I chose the latter. It seemed less of a social faux pas. I urge you, go see it. Even if you aren't into sweet animated movies, you can at least appreciate the sheer beauty of the animation (besides, I think everyone can use a little more happiness in his/her life, don't you?).

The Bad: The Salt Lake Arts Festival
OK. I should have taken a hint from the festival two years ago. It's not my scene. I know people who put a lot of work into the festival (well done, friends) but apparently I lack the artistic gene which one needs to enjoy a festival of this caliber. First of all, I tend to panic when there are so many people that I get separated from my party and pushed to the nearest 'clearing'. I was at the festival for 1 hour and in that hour, I experienced a lot of un-washed people, cigarette smoke, and brown paper bags fashioned to look like a hat with lots of glitter and sequins. I saw some cool art, unfortunately it was surrounded by a lot of hemp purses. Overall, I was quite underwhelmed by the whole ordeal.

The Ugly: 16-year-olds have taken over the coffee scene in the greater Salt Lake Valley. Andy and I have just about had it with seemingly competent coffee establishments being thwarted by retarded high schoolers who have obviously never had a warm caffinated beverage in their lives. "What can I get for you?" asks a peppy 16- year-old while she is visibly texting her best friend (whose name no doubt rhymes with "Calli"), cowing her gum and shows no intention of listening to our order. Andy repeats his order of a large coffee. The girl kind of mumbles an "OK" impressively enough without making the hard 'k' sound. A teenage boy emerges and whispers something to the girl which causes her to shriek (perhaps too passionately) with laughter. As they laugh about his brilliant comment they attempt to work this strange machine called the 'coffee maker.' As they push buttons it makes strange gurgling sounds that make them laugh even harder. A good five minutes are wasted on this alien machine, they are finally able to control their laughter and the pubescent boy thrusts Andy's coffee at him. We leave praising the Lord that the children figured out the new toy. Andy takes a sip. "This is cold," He says. Andy proceeds to chuck the failed coffee into the garbage rather than deal with the workers again.


Reagan and Jon said...

oh my....16 year olds should not be allowed to have access to that type of equipment. seriously.
AND I totally want to see Wall E...I am glad youliked it.
And as much as I love hippees...i dont love their smell...and the festival is smelly. completely.
Anywho loves!

Elena Loo said...

I loved Wall*E! I was so entertained and also touched! So wonderful. I also loved teh short before hand! Pixar rocks the world. I'm so glad you enjoyed the movie as well.
.. sorry about the lame coffee and arts experience.
BY the way - clever way of writing your 3 experiences for the weekend. You're too clever!

Kathy & Steve said...

I wandered in to your blog through a meandering course of blogs, each person linked to the one before. I sat here laughing over the "ugly" part of your weekend. There's a coffee spot here in St. George that my coworkers and I often visit..and it seems the shop of your weekend, and ours here, are cosmically (sp?) linked. Same kids apparently work at both places. We gave up on ours the day we watched the teen mop the sweat from his brow with his forearm as he made our sandwhiches. One can only put up with so much!

Kathy Lundell Workman