Wednesday, June 4, 2008

The Little Ducky That Could

The sun is out, the flowers are in bloom, and the ducks are quacking.
This can only mean one thing:

My apartment complex is the home of twenty-somethings who are not yet at the stage of 'home buying', newly divorced mid-life crisis victims, and a plethora of ducks, geese, and various birds native to northern Utah.

I take it upon my self to feed and protect the less fortunate looking ducks. These ducks wait for me every morning because they know I will bring a piece of bread on my way to work. When I get home from work, they greet me, running at full sprint quacking and flapping their wings.
I understand they just want more bread, but it sure does make me happy to be greeted by that everyday.

Yesterday I noticed that one of my ducks was missing when I was on my way to work. I looked around hoping that I wouldn't find the pretty white duck dead somewhere. I looked behind the building, down by the creek, under the stair case...
the duck was nowhere to be found. Sadly, I gave up, realizing that I had to leave for work.
As I walked toward my car I heard a familiar quacking. I stopped and followed the quacking to a near by bush. I called the duck out and saw a little white head with a yellow bill emerge from the bush. Her mouth was wide open and she was quacking louder than I had ever heard her quack. I started throwing her small pieces of bread (which she devoured very gratefully). As she started edging toward me, I caught a glimpse of her three beautiful baby chicks keeping close to her. Here are some pictures of my sweet ducks and the darling babies. Enjoy!


Willy said...

We finally had to leave an apartment once because we were too involved in the lives of the ducks. See, momma duck can't count real well... that's why she has so many ducklings. There's a slow process of attrition that goes on. "meep meep meep" says the left-behind duckling. Finally, emotionally scarred from seeing one too many of the little suckers croak, I went out there and scooped him up in my hat, took him back to momma. "Eight!" I said, "You have EIGHT! Not six, not seven! EIGHT!!"

Then I went back inside and told Becky, "We have to move."


The Snells said...

how cute! Scotts brothers want to get either a goose or a duck for our newly made pond. I doubt the dogs will like that though so we probably wont. God the ducks would be bigger than my little Sophie!!! lol

Reagan and Jon said...

I LOVE THEM! I want to take them home! awe! Minus the fact my cat would eat them, but still so cute. and cute pics!

Tash said...

Cand, it's happened. You've officially gone off the deep end of cuteness. I'm not talking about the ducks.

You. Are. Adoreable.

Don't worry, I won't tell the ducks what we used to do to the peackocks. Lol!

The Piorun Family said...

That is the cutest thing ever! What a reward for being such a kind person!

Andrew and Ariel said...

It's great that you are supporting these ducks with sustenance, but don't let the father skirt his responsibilities as the daddy-duck of three newborns. I have a feeling its the green-headed one in the first picture. Keep an eye on him.