Tuesday, June 17, 2008

The difficulty of opening doors

I have witnessed a few behaviors concerning doors that have made me laugh; behaviors that are lazy, senseless, and all together, entertaining.

A family of six people (all of walking age) are seen strolling toward the entrance of Target. They are talking among themselves and not really paying attention. One of the younger girls in this group begins opening the manual door. The five others are right behind her waiting for the door to be pushed completely ajar. An older gentlemen of the group looks over at the automatic door and suggests that the group go through that door instead. The girl who already has the door open, closes it, and joins the others through the automatic door.

A man is waiting for TRAX (salt lake city's rail system). As the train glides to a stop in front of him he stands patiently waiting for the door to open for him. He notices other doors opening all along the train and continues to wait his turn. The bells chime that the train is about to leave when he begins running to an open door. Apparently pushing the little 'open' button was just too difficult for him.


hilary said...

Honestly people!?!

Reagan and Jon said...

thank heavens for the handicap signs...what did we do before technology?

Kathleen said...

haha, I believe being pregnant I've turned into one of these people:)