Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Bee's wishes and Karaoke dreams!

I celebrated my 23rd birthday this weekend. We had a great time at a Bee's game, going to the zoo, and finishing up the celebrations with a little karaoke. I have pictures of the first two excursions, but sadly, I forgot my camera when we went to karaoke. First thing is first: the Bee's game.
Andy found a Chicago dog and feasted with great gusto.

We were so happy to have Levi (Andy's brother) in town for the weekend. As you can see, he was excited too!

Poor Portland #29 (Brian, as we learned)...he had an error in the first inning and we didn't let him live it down for the rest of the game. It's just not worth it unless you can mock relentlessly.

I took this picture to prove I was there too. That's pretty much the extent of it. :)

The boys being boys. They kept me entertained through the entire game between the mocking of #29/Brian and the competition of 'who can be more irritating' with another guy in the stands.
Then it was off to the zoo!

The zoo was great fun! We saw lots of cute animals (including a baby giraffe that was having a lot of fun with a branch) and we only got rained on a little bit.

The evening of the 25th, we went to the Tavernacle to celebrate my birthday Karaoke style. Unfortunately, I forgot my camera, but I will try to do my best to describe the happenings of the evening. After a delicious bbq (courtesy of Brett and Katie...Thank you!!) we headed down to the Tavernacle around 10pm. Upon entering the bar I quickly informed the DJ that it was my birthday (it's truly amazing what flirting will get you) and asked if I could sing quickly. He assured me (with a wink) that I would be his first priority. Vomit. I smiled sweetly and joined my party. To my surprise, my name was called two singers later. I jumped on stage and wailed Pat Benetar's 'Heartbreaker." Fun. My friend, Josh, and his boyfriend, Thomas, joined our party shortly after my debut. Here are a few highlights from the evening:
1. After Brett rocked Queen's "This Thing Called Love" he quickly had a stalker/fan that needed to talk to him at various points throughout the evening. This stalker obviously thought Brett was gay and was very VERY interested in him. At one point, the stalker became very hostile toward Brett (he was quite belligerent). It kept me entertained. I was secretly hoping a fight would break out. It never did.
2. The DJ announced to the bar that it was my birthday and that he never wanted to see me without a drink in my hand. After I finished my song, a guy brought over a tequila shot. I thanked him graciously and handed the shot to someone who could handle it. The fact that someone would buy me a shot thrilled me!
3. The SHAMELESS flirting by the DJ (even after he figured out that Andy and I were engaged). He was terrible. I didn't mind, though. It meant that I got to sing again (The favorite 'Let's Hear it for the Boy').

After the bar, we went back to Brett and Katie's for my delicious birthday pie! It was a successful birthday!!!


Elena Loo said...

YEAH!! Happy Birthday.. it seems like it was a great time! yeah for being 23!

Reagan said...

1. your cake looks divine. and
2. he did eat with much gusto.

I am glad you had a fantastic bday! you deserve it lovey!

hilary said...

Looks like it was a great success, I am so happy for you! I hope you were wearing your pedometer at the zoo, I bet you walked at least a mile:)