Thursday, January 31, 2008

Dude looks like a lady...

As many of you know, my friend Hilary and I have been frequenting the gym 5-7 nights a week. It has become an obsession to go more than a desire to get into shape. I find that going to the gym puts me in a better mood, makes me feel good physically, and acts as an ideal social arena. Days that I don't go to the gym, I tend to feel sluggish and I am just complete. That's right. The gym completes me.
Anyway, Wednesdays are always a struggle for me. Wednesdays are the busiest day at work and I just don't feel like running for 30 minutes after running all day. Hilary and I came up with a brilliant solution: Sauna Wednesdays.
My apartment complex comes equipped with a sauna. Fantastic! However, it is always a question when it will be open versus when it is not. As there is no schedule posted anywhere, it's really just a guessing game.

Last night Hilary and decided that we needed a trip to the sauna to burn off the calories in another capacity. We grabbed our towels and made our way toward the clubhouse independently praying that it would be open. I walked up the icy steps...Curses. The door was locked. After deliberating about our next move, we remembered that the hot tub is open year round therefore the bathrooms next to the hot tub were unlocked and the men's bathroom next to the hot tub has a sauna.

We looked at each other mischievously and walked around to the gated area housing the pool. Unlocked. We walked past an empty hot tub into the empty men's bathroom and found an empty sauna. Ever present of the urinal in the corner, we disrobed and deeply hoped that no man walked in to use the toilet.
We baked in bliss for 30 minutes or so and exited the men's restroom hidden by the blanket of night. We congratulated each other on our cleverness and decided that Sauna Wednesdays need to be a regular event Men's bathroom or no.

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