Thursday, January 3, 2008

Things I have learned on my journey to becoming a chef...

1. Turning the heat up does not necessarily mean that it will cook faster. It just means that it will burn.
2. Read directions before making sauces. Realize that you shouldn't mix the sour cream and water when making stroganoff.
3. Sometimes measuring can be beneficial. Just make sure you know the difference between a teaspoon and a tablespoon.
4. Just because you can instruct someone on how to cook does not make you a cook yourself.
5. Remember to remove ALL foil before putting something in the microwave.
6. Keep an eye on broiling bread in the oven.
7. When stir-frying veggies on the stove, don't forget about them and walk away. This causes fire.
8. Stay away from baking if your attention span is roughly the same as a cocker spaniel's.
9. Freezer burn is not 'added moisture.'
10. Cream cheese does not substitute for sour cream.
11. 'More' is not always a good thing.
12. Remove from wrapping unless otherwise instructed.
13. No matter what anyone else says, pizza and pickles do not go with chili.
14. Paprika is not the nectar of the gods.
15. Leave the cooking to Andy.


hilary said...

Bah ha ha! I would like to add for my benefit...

#16--Recipes are not just for people without creativity, you're gonna need some direction.

Jon and Reagan said...

I too would like to leave the cooking to Andy! Would he be up for it? Coming to our place every night and cooking? I have done the tinfoil thing oh too often! Sometimes I have those blonde moments. Damn@!

Anonymous said...