Monday, January 14, 2008

Toto, I don't think we're in Kansas anymore.

Place: Heart of Tornado Ally, Arkansas
Year: 2008

Butch and Miss Kitty were spending the day as usual: Butch lifting various objects and researching the latest to-dos, Miss Kitty primping and using inspired artistic license where she saw fit. In the humble dwelling of such an extraordinary couple, the air was calm...too calm for January. It was warm, too. A brisk January day should be cooler than 70 degrees. Miss Kitty thought of this as she adjusted the thermostat.

Without warning, the loud neighborhood sirens began to sound with their deafening scream. That scream could only mean one thing: Tornado.
With great agility Butch went in search of Miss Kitty, threw her over his shoulder and ran to their safe house: the closet (a large walk-in closet capable of hosting a queen-sized bed).
Miss Kitty looked around listening to the siren, trying to make out anything that would suggest oncoming danger. Butch stood up, straightened his belt buckle and said, "I think I better put on my steel-toed boots." Decidedly, he grabbed his trusty steel-toed boots, adjusted his henly and began to meticulously lace up the twin monsters made solely to rival Chuck Norris. Miss Kitty watched in awe at Butch's care and dexterity. When the laces were adequately laced to perfection, Butch stood up, posed, and asked Miss Kitty, "How do I look?"
Miss Kitty nodded in admiration but soon realized that she too had to prepare for the disasterous tornado. Butch had donned his boots, she will choose...a change of clothing. Miss Kitty rifled through her wardrobe and chose the perfect outfit: a long sleeve shirt and sweatshirt. This outfit would surely protect her from the 100 mph winds and various debris. Boldly, she changed out of her Sunday dress and platform shoes into a more practical outfit.
Hand in hand they waited for the storm that never came.
Moral of the story: It's good to be prepared.
Disclaimer: Events depicted in this story are based on real events. The names have been changed to protect the innocent.

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Elena Loo said...

Hey! you kill me. You're a great writer - FYI. Um... girls night this month? yes no, maybe so?