Friday, February 1, 2008

Reasons why Andy is the best...

*Good Cook
*Sent me flowers for no reason
*Purchases fuzzy socks and Disney movies because he knows I will like them
*Kisses me and tells me that he loves me
*Plays piano for me
*Is patient with my shortcomings
*Sings to me
*Goes along with my hair-brained ideas
*Takes me to the Symphony
*Supports me
*Listens to me
*Encourages my goofiness
*Is handsome
*Confides in me
*Spoils me
*Shares his thoughts with me
*Accompanies me to Disneyland
*Loves me
*Knows my favorite songs
*Makes me feel special
*Is thoughtful
*Takes care of me
*Allows me to take care of him
*Puts up with my immense love for puppies, weddings, and Styx
*Is my everything

There is so much more. I love my beautiful boy.

1 comment:

Reagan said...

Okay, that is far too cute! I love that he puts up with most people should! And I love that he sent you flowers for no reason...tell your Andy to give my Jon a!