Tuesday, October 30, 2007

My newfound ADVENTURE!

Friends!! The most exciting news!!
Last night I booked a trip to Ireland!

This was definitely a last minute, spontaneous, booking that began on Friday! I woke Andy up on Friday (with little tact due to overwhelming excitement) and told him that we needed to book a trip from Travelzoo right now. I explained to him that it was the last day to book and we just had to go! Now, Andy and I had discussed this...kind of. The conversation went more like this:

Andy: I got your email. You want to go to Ireland?
Candace: YES!!
Andy: All right. Let's go.

Now, in my mind, that was confirmation that the trip was definite and all we had to do was book. Little did I know that after that conversation, Andy hadn't given the notion another thought. You can guess his surprise and confusion when I woke him up and announced that we were going to Ireland. Poor, Andy. I am a bad girlfriend.

My hopes were crushed until I found out we could book until the 31st of October! I had five days to make this work!! Much discussion followed the next few days. Endless "What ifs" and "Hows" and "When" filled our days until last night. Andy was stellar and called the travel agent. He found out what we had to do, where we had to go, etc. He figured out how to make the trip possible. Yes, he is that wonderful.

When I got home, Andy had the trip pulled up on the computer. February 19-26, from JFK to Shannon, staying at the Breaffy House, automatic car, and loads of adventure! I screamed and giggled and danced and texted...all we had to do was enter the payment information. Trustingly, Andy handed me his Credit Card on his way out the door.

And that's it! I put the information in, and we are going! I can't even express my excitement. For once, I am happy that Christmas came in October!!

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hilary said...

Jealousy is not even a good enough word. The British Isles are on 'my list' and you are going to have to tell me all about it. SOOOO exciting.

P.S. I am going to be a gypsy at the carnival tomorrow, sorry you're gonna miss that!