Tuesday, October 2, 2007

The best weekend...

Last weekend was the best!!
Friday: I got a new job! After weeks of fretting and wondering if I could afford rent next month, I heard the jubilant words "I would like to offer you the job"!! I screamed! Then I cried! Then I screamed again! Then I called (almost) everyone I knew! I even called my darling co-worker who is currently in Romania (I love you, Hilary!). I knew she wouldn't answer the phone, but I had to try anyway!
I ran back to my job and proudly announced that it was my last day. I did not have the foresight to realize that giving such short notice would mean lots of work for me.
I got home around 7:15-ish and Andy took me out dinner. We celebrated such a wonderful occasion with our best friends Brett and Katie at a delicious Mexican restaurant. Two strawberry daiquiris later, I was feeling oh so wonderful and extremely proud of my new found job! What else did I do to celebrate? I fell asleep, of course.
Saturday: President's Ball! I woke up early and took my car to the shop at the wonderful hour of 8am. I went home and tried to go back to sleep. Success for about 30 minutes. Curses! Oh well. I got up, we watched some of Dick Tracy and decided to cast my hair. For those of you unfamiliar with the term: it is dying it temporarily. The brilliant redhead that I now flaunt will wither and die in a few months. Pity. Anyway, I casted my hair and headed over to my friend Heidi's apartment where we sipped tea and watched Mansfield Park (don't judge). I complained loudly for a solid hour as I watched snow fall from the sky in SEPTEMBER! yuck. Slowly, as the late afternoon/early evening stretched on, we began primping in preparation for President's Ball (alumni homecoming dance). Katie joined us when she got of work and I felt the stinging sensation of high school creeping in. No, it was fun.
Donning our breathtaking glamor, we went arm in arm with our loved ones to a delicious restaurant called Trio. Katie and I split a wonderful bottle of wine while the boys shared another. Simply wonderful. We ate and laughed and drank. How fantastic!
Then it was off to the dance. Like all old people, we arrived on time and noticed that we were the only ones there. This was not a bad thing. We were able to take the floor and beat it senseless before the twelve-year-olds began rubbing up against each other. The six of us danced and danced to the smooth sounds of a rockin' jazz band. Brett was even invited up on stage to sing with the band! Slowly, the hall began to fill with the aforementioned twelve-year-olds. Disgusting. Around 11pm the dance floor was so full there was no longer any room for us. We resorted to sitting at a table and making fun of the twelve-year-olds. Good times. Around midnight we left the shindig and headed over to Brett and Katie's. I proceeded to fall asleep directly, of course.
Sunday: My one goal this weekend was to purchase some professional looking clothes. For all intents and purposes, that was my Sunday objective. We woke up early to go have breakfast with my good friend Jamie (We really don't go out to eat that much. This weekend was just hectic). I got home, went grocery shopping and took a shower (hooray!). Soon after, Andy informed me that we were joining Brett at Octoberfest in half an hour. I've got to be honest. Octoberfest was not that awesome. I suppose the fact that I don't like beer nor do I like to get drunk will put a damper on the experience...I didn't have a great time. Then again, I was the designated driver. At one point, Andy and I joined the German waltz...the music ended right as we took dance position. I was none too pleased. I did enjoy watching my boys begin to find the smallest trifles hilarious. That is always worth it. Andy and I watched The Davinci Code on Sunday night. What a horrible movie. I know that movies are worse than the books but I didn't think that the book The DaVinci Code could be trumped! Amazing. It was good to laugh at.
So, the weekend ended with me being slightly worried about my upcoming first day and extreme exhaustion. Turns out, I need lots of sleep to function.
PS- Pictures of the sexy crew will surface soon...

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hilary said...

Hip hip hooray for you!! You will be so missed at work but I am so glad you found employment and at such a great establishment. Can't wait to hear all about it. Sorry about the snow, I am enjoying perfect weather. Don't worry about Mansfield Park, I probably watch it 4-5 tims a year.

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