Monday, October 8, 2007

Car Troubles and other stories

Long story short, I have the worst luck with cars. My history of vehicular maladies would rival the Bible (no sacrilege intended). I think that I would have better success in a city where a car is no longer needed...but that is a different story for a different day.
On Saturday, Andy and I were delayed while on the way to meet some friends. As we drove down the ever-popular Fort Union Boulevard, my car jerked forward and the ABS light came on. Joy. Considering my car had been in the shop the week prior, you can guess my immediate irritation for the new car problem. Andy and I exchanged grumbles and continued driving. We stopped at a red light, then accelerated when the light turned green. Wait a minute. There was no acceleration. The car stayed in first gear. Also, all of the gauges were no longer in working order. Dang it. We drove from Fort Union to 45th south with Hazards on achieving about 15-20 mph. Awesome.
Sunday: My dad had the brilliant idea of having the car towed to the Acura Dealership this day so I wouldn't have to miss work. So, I did. I called trusty AAA and they speedily sent me a tow. Wonderful.
The man who showed up in the tow truck was very nice but incredibly hard to understand.
(Italicized words are words that I guessed in the conversation inevitably making a fool of myself)
Tow man:"mumble mumble black"
Tow Man:"mumble mumble black"
Candace:"Yes, my car is the black one, there (pointing to my car)"
Candace:"Oh. OK."
Tow Man:"What is wrong with it?"
Candace:"It won't shift out of first gear"
Tow Man:"Are you serious? Is your car fun to drive?"
Tow Man:"Is your car fun to drive?"
Candace:"Is my car fun to drive?"

Foolish Candace bows her head in shame and answers the question. The nice tow man towed the car to the dealership...all was successful.
I am sure that the car stories will continue but for now, I need a new alternator. :(


hilary said...

You're not deaf, car people speak shop talk like it is a language we should all know and usually they are holding a wrench in their teeth so they have trouble eee-nun-cee-ate-ing.

Kir said...

Oh sweetie!
You really do have the worst luck with cars! Well here's from one bad-luck-with-cars-girl to another ;)