Monday, October 29, 2007

How is it almost November?

It's around this time of year that you realize the year is almost over. I swear that I just had my birthday (May) and find it odd that we just celebrated Andy's birthday (the 27th). I become uneasy when I switch my attention to the holidays that always seem to sneak up on you regardless how prepared you are. I find myself overwhelmed and suffocated by the thought of Christmas. I know it is over a month away, but it is here. You walk into stores and are instantly bombarded by premature Christmas music and the stink of holly. And then there is the dread of budgeting out your Christmas list for the year. Juggling the "giving spirit" while making sure you can afford rent, car insurance, food, gas, etc. I have this part down to a science. I pride myself on coming out ahead due to my clever ability to budget. Still...the mere thought is daunting. 'Tis the season for heartburn and anxiety.
Thanksgiving is four weeks away. That means Christmas is eight weeks away. New Year's is nine, then we have to start again. and again. and again. Forgive me. I focus on the inconsequential. I am excited to go home and spend Christmas with my family. Christmas is always better when you are home. It becomes meaningful when you were a kid. Not just a headache, but happiness. Maybe it is happiness because of all of the shenanigans leading up to it. I don't know.
I digress.
Andy's birthday was this weekend!! Festivities began on Friday when we went to see the Odyssey Dance Company's production of Thriller. If you live in the Salt Lake area and are not familiar with this show, you are sorely missing out! It is such a good time. We were harassed by the skinny zombie girls and decided to harass them in return. We named them and tried to carry on conversations. "Abagail? You look like hell! What happened to you?(Imagine that in a Robert Goulet voice)" The girls were unable to respond. Either we rendered them speechless or the only retort they could muster was odd sounding grunts.
Saturday (Andy's birthday) was a little strange. Andy had a choir concert the night of and spent the majority of the day in rehearsal. A group of us went to the concert to cheer on our favorite red-head. He sang with the passion of a monk and maintained the disposition of a surgeon. The concert was beautiful. I just love watching Andy perform. He is fantastic. The concert led to dinner at the Bohemian then back to the apartment for conversation on hot chocolate (accompanied by a mediocre birthday bad).
Sunday, Andy awoke at the crack of noon and had to run out and get Guitar Hero for the Wii. With his new toy in hand we headed home to play with it. Shortly after Brett called and Andy proudly told him of his new investment. Brett proceeded call Andy demeaning names...turns out he was at Best Buy purchasing Guitar Hero for Andy's birthday. Thwarted! All worked out as we went to see the Nightmare Before Christmas (in 3-D, fantastic!) and had a spiritual dinner at Ruth's Chris.
The birthday was successful. The boy is officially 26. But that means it is almost November. How is it almost November?

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April said...

I'm already starting to stress about the holidays...Why do they sneak up so quickly every year? Is there ever a point when you're ready for them?