Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Pernicious Pet Peeves

Everyone has pet peeves that drive him/her insane. I have several. Possibly more than I (or anyone) should.

* Grown-ups acting like children (especially at work). I have to enforce enough rules with the kids...I don't want to have to hold the hand of the staff too. When I ask you to put your cell phone away during class, that doesn't mean use it only when I am not looking. What exactly are we teaching our patients?

* Walking into a restroom stall and finding a large wad of toilet paper that hasn't been completely flushed. No floaters, usually. Just this wad of toilet paper. Seriously...who in the world needs that much toilet paper?

*People who cut in front of you on the freeway then find it necessary to slow down to 45 mph (no exaggeration). This happened thrice yesterday. I just don't get it.

*Looking for some matching socks and realizing that the sock monster has eaten one side of the pair!

*When people mistreat my friends. I know a darling girl who has spent many hours fretting about a completely irrational predicament because she was mistreated.

*Sitting down to a seemingly happy movie and ending up in tears by the end of it. If a movie is marketted as a jovial, family-friendly movie, I DO NOT WANT TO WEEP (Fox and the Hound, Little Mermaid, Miss Potter...)

*When people ignore good ideas simply because they don't care for the person who came up with the idea. I can not expound on this or I would be guilty of a HIPAA violation.

*Little kids who try to strike up conversations in public bathrooms. No, I don't care that you went to the aquarium today, yes, I know you are supposed to wash your hands before you eat, and it is none of your business why I am putting on lipgloss. Where's your mother?

* Jerks who refuse to use their blinkers. Is it really to hard?

Here are a few of my pet peeves. Please feel free to add your own special peeves. Enlighten me.


April said...

Right now, my biggest pet peeve is the way people park on the street that I live on. Its street parking, so space is of the essence, but people don't pull all the way up so where two cars can easily fit, there is only ANNOYING!

hilary said...

I am an "indicatin' fool" (with my blinker that is! And the kids in the bathroom...make that kids anywhere and I am totally with you on that one.