Tuesday, September 4, 2007

The Mystery of the Runaway car

The bottom line is I needed shoes.

I put on an outfit, ready to go to a party, when I realized that something was missing.

I needed shoes.

Arm in arm with an ecstatic Andy, we skipped (no lie) into Nordstrom Rack and directed our eyes toward the shoe department. Minutes after landing in the 8 1/2 department I spotted the most delectable pair of bright red patent leather shoes! How spectacular they would look with my outfit!

I marched proudly to the counter and purchased my new-found treasure.

Upon exiting the Rack, Andy and I passed a most peculiar sight: A person-less Nissan was rolling straight for an unsuspecting Subaru! Andy, being the virile manly man that he is, gallantly saved the Subaru from a fate worse than death by stepping in the path of destruction. With Andy holding the car I ran to his side to assist in the hold of the beast. Together we struggled to push the angry Nissan back into it's assigned stall...to no avail. We resorted to keeping the Nissan at bay.

Struggling against the weight of the car, Andy and I began to perspire in the late afternoon sun. A few passersby noticed the sweat on our brows and asked if they could do anything to help. We requested they run into nearby stores to page the owner of the snarling beast. More onlookers approached to help out. One knight in shining minivan ran to the nearest Shopko to find some sort of object with which to contain this ferocious automobile. Minutes later, Sir Knight (I will call him Aloysius) emerged with a large plank of wood. Aloysius immediately began stomping on the wood to make smaller planks of wood. Brilliant.
With great strength Andy, Aloysius, and I heaved the attacking Nissan back into its space, quickly shoving wood pieces under the tires to keep it stationary. As we congratulated each other for our courage and superhuman abilities the owner of the Nissan walked out of Nordstrom Rack.
"What's going on?" asked the oblivious owner.
"Your car was rolling and almost hit that Subaru," said Andy indicating the frightened Subaru.
"Oh," said the owner. "OK."
The owner got into his car and drove away.
I walked away with adorable shoes.


April said...

are those really the shoes you purchased?

Willy said...

Good one. I would have let it hit the Subaru, and then I would have pointed and laughed and taken a picture with my camera phone.

Candace said...

Well, they are close to the shoes I bought. The actual shoes that I now possess have yellow piping against the hot red! Woot.