Tuesday, October 20, 2009


To Dr. Exceptionally-bad-taste-in-food:

I find your taste in sandwiches appallingly bad. What in the world would possess you to order a sandwich which holds the words ‘liver’ and ‘worst’ in its very title? Granted, the office orders lunch once a week and everyone is free to choose whatever he/she wants, but I find your choice both offensive and disgusting.

Not only are we subjected to watching you chew that vile mass of God knows what, but our nostrils will be raped by the foul odor which a liverwurst sandwich no doubt emits.

So, thank you for violating us in the place of our work. I am concerned that your lack of regard for others will continue and lead to the possibility of you ordering something worse in the future. Possibly tuna fish, God forbid.

Most sincerely,

Your disgruntled worker,


PS- the buttermilk and raw onion you requested to garnish your liverwurst sandwich will be provided but such actions are not condoned.


Elena Loo said...

uh, that is super nasty! Who would do that?!
Very funny though... hopefully he gets a clue :)

Mandee Shaffer said...

When I had to make my kids in Germany Liverwurst sandwiches, I swear I could smell it in my hair, my clothes, my hands for days! SOO GROSS>