Monday, October 26, 2009

Being cut down (which is rough when you’re only 5’2’’)

A few weeks ago, my ego took quite a beating. As it was both humiliating and awkward, I decided not to blog it. However, a similar situation occurred yesterday. I think that if I make my humiliation public it will stop happening.

OOPS #1:
A few weeks ago, I entered a patient’s room to speak with the family regarding a study. After I introduced myself, the mother got excited and said, “When are you due?”
“What?” I asked, not sure if I had heard her correctly.
“I said when are you due?”
Completely stunned and unable to come up with anything witty or clever I said, “I’m not pregnant.”
The mother considered this.
“Hmm,” she said at last.

OOPS #2:
Yesterday, our youth praise band sang for the congregation (Andy and I are the leaders for this band). The kids performed very well. On my way out of the sanctuary, I was stopped by a woman who praised the band up and down. “Oh! Your kids are simply wonderful!” she said.
“Thank you,” I responded. “They work very hard.”
“Oh, they are fantastic, especially your son! What a talent!”
Thinking of our youngest member of our band (an eleven year old boy) I said, “Oh, he’s not my son.”
“Really? That tall redhead playing guitar isn’t your son?”
Ouch. Only then did it occur to me that she meant Andy. She thought Andy was my son. I informed her that Andy was my husband and four years older than me. I thanked her for her kind words and went to find someplace where I could be alone and cry a little bit.


Meg said...

What the heck is wrong with people? Is there no social awareness or tact at all left in the world? My favorite when I was pregnant was "are you sure it isn't twins?" Um, yeah like I didn't feel big enough already - bitch. I personally think you look not only amazing (and thinner than I think I've ever seen you) but WAY younger than Andy. Keep your head up Candace - you are awesome!

Candace said...

Thanks, Megan. You are a great cheerleader. People are bitches. Seriously.

Michelle said...

Holy cow! People need to get a grip. First of all, you NEVER ask a woman when she is due. Unless you know for a fact she is preggo. And second, how could anyone confuse Andy for your son and not your hubby? That woman needs glasses.

Mandee Shaffer said...

I agree with fore mentioned comments. You do not look pregnant NOR do you look like you could be Andy's mom. You're one of the most BEAUTIFUL women i've ever known and I wish I could look MORE like you. Those are just dumbasses who need to keep their mouths shut! You're wonderful, gorgeous, look amazing, and look so adorable with your ginger husband! I love you babe!

Denise said...


Matt and Carolyn said...

No puedo creer que la gente puedan hacer tan estupidos!!! Mexican to English translation...I love you.

hilary said...

I love yer stinkin' guts!

Kristi said...

One word - wow. Now a few more words - how did either of those people get any of those thoughts/impressions?! Maybe they don't get out much...