Friday, October 23, 2009

Do you have a call back number?

For months, nay years, I have had an overwhelming desire to do something. I am reminded of my desire several times a day and have always restrained myself. Yesterday, I could not help it. I finally caved in to my hearts will and acted completely on impulse.

Almost every single person I speak with from an insurance company asks me the stupidest question ever posed: “Do you have a call back number?” Well, obviously I’m calling from a phone. Obviously, that phone is in working order. It’s just an overall ridiculous question to ask.

I have spent much time pondering a response suitable for such a question. Some are silly, all are sarcastic. I have considered: “No”, “Actually, I don’t have a phone; I am using my thumb and pinky fingers”, “Wow! Does your can have a number? How did you get that?”, “What’s a call-back number?” so on and so forth.

Yesterday was the apex.

Agent: Thank you for calling blah blah insurance company! This is Trish; may I have your name?

Candace: Hi, Trish. This is Candace from Orthopedics. I am calling to check benefits for this patient for outpatient surgery.

Agent: Great! I can certainly help you with that! Do you have a callback number?

Candace: Yes.

Agent: (confused silence). Candace?

Candace: Yes?

Agent: Do you have a callback number?

Candace: Yes.

Agent: Um, may I have it?

Candace: Oh, you’d like it? Oh, ok… (continue with conversation)

After years of toiling with such a temptation, I finally did it. Without giggling, I was a complete smart Alec to one of those who drives me absolutely crazy.


she's beauty and she's grace said...

Every once in a while I have to answer the phone at my work and have to deal with equally ridiculous people. I totally empathize! Unfortunately, my tolerance level for such stupidity only seems to decrease the older I become.

Mandee Shaffer said...

Always proud of you in moments like this.

Kat said...

hahahaha awesome! people ask me at the restaurant i work at if we have a bathroom and i am always tempted to shoot back a smart ass comment about how they are more than welcome to use the bush out back. never actually done it though, props to you!