Wednesday, March 4, 2009

The real countdown

March 1st hit me like a bag of happy hammers. I say happy because it made me dance around, skip, and break into joyous song. March 1st marked the day when I realized 'I'm getting married next month.'
To many brides, this is the time of panic and last minute planning; not for this girl. Luckily, I have had a year to get the hard part out of the way so I can enjoy my last 52 days of being engaged. From here on out it is all about parties and payments.

Up to this point, when people asked me, "Are you excited? It's getting close!" My answer would always be, "Not yet." Not yet because I tend to get debilitatingly excited, so I tried to fend it off as long as possible. Well, friends, it is no longer possible. I have reached my excited state of mind where I have trouble functioning and focusing in a work environment. I have difficulty sitting through church without daydreaming about the wedding that will take place there. I wear my wedding shoes around the house and tell myself that I am not lame...I'm just 'breaking them in.' I practice dancing and clean my ring like a person with OCD. I have my invitation hanging up at my desk and I spend a solid amount of time of my work day looking at it. I obsessively look at my check list to go over and over what has been done and what needs to be done. What can I say? I'm just excited.
I fully understand that I am obnoxious at this point. My apologies.
Geez, I am this excited now. What will I be like when I realize that, not only am I getting married, but I am going to Australia four days later!


Anonymous said...

You're getting married?!! Congratulations! Nothing but the parties now. Have I told you how excited I am to go away with Andy this weekend? We'll bring him back in one piece, promise. I'll try my best to keep John's hands off of him, but you know how touchy-feely that guy gets. That alone will be a full time job for those few days. Then you're off to CA (missing someone's B-day, *cough*cough*). March will be over before you know it and you don't stand a chance in April of being good for anything. Too much mind wandering will prevent you from being a productive member of society. I'm excited for you! I just love you guys

Slightly infuriated,

Ryane said...

I'm so excited for you and I loved your invitations.

Elena Loo said...

Oh my gosh, I can't believe its almost here! How excited. I'm so glad you are excited too. And by the way... LLLLLOOOOVVVVEEEE the photo. Its so great.

Mandee Shaffer said...

Oh Candy! I'm so happy you're happy! And I LOVE seeing you in that annoying phase! YOu're making ME excited! And sad I can't be there to celebrate with you! HOORAY!

shannon said...

May I just say that you are incredibly smart for having such a long engagement, and for getting everything taken care of early. You absolutely deserve to be deliriously excited!

Andrew and Ariel said...

Be excited! More power to you! Congrats and good luck sticking out these last 50 days. Happy hammers!

By the way, the singing in the previous post rocked! It made me miss those Big River days about a year ago. I'm glad that you've found someone who matches your singin' skills. You're a dynamite duo.

Nicole said...

Yay!!!! I cannot wait to see your photos. :) I'm getting to the "Oh my God I'm getting married soon" state as well and I still have until October. Enjoy!!!