Thursday, November 20, 2008

They've still got the right stuff...

Last weekend I had the honor, nay, the sheer joy of attending the New Kids on the Block concert with my sister. To really do this story justice, I must start the narration around 12 pm, when the fun began. Because of our extremely early rising (at the lovely hour of 9) we were able to get an early start, departing my department around 11. We ran a few errands with the NKOTB in mind. The first stop was Joann's for the absolutely necessary iron on letters. Were these iron on letters necessary? The answer is yes. With our iron-on letters in hand, we turn our sights to Nordstrom rack for boots. April found quite the kick-ass pair of knee high black boots and I decided on a pair of purple suede boots. Growing ever confident, we made our final stop at American Apparel, the only place you can find every style of t-shirt ever thought up (that's about all you can find there). April found a green t-shirt, while I chose a plain jersey with purple sleeves (seems to be the color of choice for such an evening).
With our outfits complete, we headed to Meg's house to visit and begin the creative process.
As little girls, my sister and I had many shrines to our beloved New Kids. April had the New Kids birthday party, we had every album, and we even had a few NKOTB barbie dolls (which I promptly removed the rat tails with my trusty scissors). I just want you to understand that this is love that is 19 years in the making. April will not settle for anything less than Jordan Knight, and while I am madly in love with Andy, Danny Wood will always hold a special place in my heart. This is the back story for our homemade t-shirts. Honestly, how many 23-27 year olds do you know who can sing "Didn't I blow your mind this time?" in its entirety?
After exercising our brilliant creativity, we returned home to put the outfits together and primp for our boys.Excitement filled a two mile radius surrounding the E Center of West Valley City, UT. While singing (yelling, rather) various New Kids tunes we handed over the $10 parking fee and skipped to find out seats.We had many false alarms during which we heard loud cheering and screaming...we never found out exactly why people were screaming. At that point, we were still about an hour from actually seeing the New Kids on the Block. That gave April and me just enough time to use the restroom, grab a beer, and find our seats.
We sat through two thoroughly forgettable opening acts. We confusedly watched Lady Gaga gyrate around the stage using her magic glowing crystal as her own personal spotlight. girl sang five songs, yet one would never know it. It truly was one long continuous song. It wasn't until after she finished that April informed me that she actually had performed five songs. Amazing. Next up was Natasha Bettingfield. At least this girl could carry a tune. She could belt and stay on pitch (novel concept). The only shame about this performer is that her songs are so terrible. Truly a shame.
Finally, the 'moment I have waited for my entire life' as April so aptly put it, came.
The crowd roared with anticipation as a large screen asked the crowd if they were ready. With this prompt, the E center began to rattle with excitement! As the glorious harmonies of the new kids barely raised over the already rambunctious crowd, each woman in the audience exploded with excitement. April and I grabbed each others' hands and jumped up and down.

We screamed like ten-year-old girls and sang the well known songs at the top of our lungs. We realized from time to time how old the 'new kids' were. I gained a new appreciation for Danny as I watched the now 38 year old take a two minute break dance solo. April practically flew out of her seat as Jordan took the microphone topless.
April flew to Salt Lake all the way from San Francisco to see this concert. Was it worth it? Definitely. Step by step they proved that they have the right stuff. Hang tough, boys. You totally blew our minds this time.


April said...

I wish we could do it again!

Emilia said...

Sounds like a blast! I'm so jealous! :)

hilary said...

I actually did all of those things when I was 10...well, I probably didn't have a beer but I screamed until I lost my voice at the concert. Wish I coulda gone.