Friday, February 15, 2008

Excuse me, Miss. Is this seat taken?

As a rule, I have a problem with random strangers starting conversations at 6 AM.

Due to a mandatory computer training, I arrived at the TRAX station at the ungodly hour of 6 AM. Luckily, the blustering storm had calmed and the 28 degree weather was almost comfortable. I stood waiting for the 6:04 train as a figure approached and stood right next to me. Slyly, I stole a glance and saw that it was a man. I looked around wondering why he chose to stand right next to me when the entire platform was vacant. I gave up my curiosity as soon as I saw the TRAX heavenly light.

I boarded the train first and went for the farthest open seat at the very front of the train (many of the seats were empty, it being the ass crack of dawn). I sat down and immediately occupied myself with staring out the window when I heard the dreaded question:

"Excuse me, Miss. Is this seat taken?"

I looked up and saw the same man from the platform. Again, I looked around wondering why he chose the seat directly in front of me when there were so many vacant seats on the train.

"I don't want you to think that I am stalking you. I just like to sit at the front of the train," he explained.

Without an answer from me, he sat down and smiled at me. I gave him a curious look and went back to staring out the window praying that he wouldn't try a pick-up attempt. Thwarted.

"So, do you work at the hospital, too? What do you do up there?"

There was no lying to be done. He saw me at the stop where the hospital employees park. So, I told the truth about working at the hospital. I lied about what I did. "Yeah, I'm in admitting." I turn my gaze to the window. Usually one sided conversations dwindle and die...he persisted.

"I'm an engineer. My name is Bryan."
"Hi. I'm Rebecca." I may be going to hell. I just don't relish making acquaintances on the train. I contiunue to stare out the window.

"So, did you have a wonderful Valentine's day?"
"Yeah, my husband had a lot planned. It was great."

Creepy Bryan considered this.
"So, asking you to dinner probably wouldn't get me very far."
"No. I guess it wouldn't."

Bryan got up without another word and moved to another part of the train.


Willy said...

Have I told you lately that you're my hero?

Reagan said...

i totally admire you....and that is extremely creepy...i need to give you some pepper spray or something for such situations. Nonetheless, I am glad you escaped.

April said...

Rebecca? that's the best name you could come up with? I can't believe you got hit on at that time of morning -- you must have been hot -- that "just rolled out of bed" look is pretty attractive :) Great Story!

hilary said...

If you weren't so damn hot you could avoid the creeps...your call!?! haha!

Kenny said...

That is funny, I wonder why nobody ever hits on me?