Thursday, August 16, 2007

Reasons I LOVE Arkansas!

I recently returned from a four day, fun-filled trip to Bentonville, Arkansas. Andy (my darling boyfriend) and I jovially boarded the plane and took off...destination: Tulsa. Bentonville is such a small place that you need to fly into the largest nearby metropolis: Tulsa. You could pay extra to fly into Fayetteville...but really. Who wants to do that?

OK, here are the reasons I love Arkansas.

1. The accent. The dialect of Northwest Arkansas is not the cute little drawl made famous by Scarlett O'Hara and other Southern Belles. No, Arkansas has a thick drawl that is reminiscent of the movie "Deliverence." This accent is what you might imagine if a conversation floats around to imbreeding or broken down cars parked on lawns in front of a home. This is a drawl that just screams "I AM A SHIT KICKER." It truly is the best. It makes me swoon.

2. Fine Family entertainment! During our trip, Andy and I went to two major attractions in Northwest Arkansas. One is Silver Dollar City (SDC as referred to by my dad). Silver Dollar City is a small amusement park built completely on the side of a mountain. It is great fun between the roller coasters and family friendly shows. This year they were featuring the Circus on ICE! That's right, folks! What's better than bumbling clowns? Bumbling clowns on ice skates! And we saw the show in all its glory. OK, the show was nothing to write home about, but SDC in itself is great fun! We were happy to endure the 102 degree heat because we just loved it so much. In addition to SDC, we went to a good old fashioned JAMBOREE (hoedown, if you will). The jamboree was filled with country music, some gospel, a little rock'n'roll (very little), and all the humor you could ask for. Half way through the show a door prize was given away. Guess who won? I DID! I won the highly coveted paper hat that is so versatile you can wear it in TWO different styles! Also, to have a true jamboree/hoedown, one MUST pay tribute to any possible veterans that are inevitably sitting in the audience. This tribute always includes a few patriotic songs, recognition of veterans, a display of Old Glory, and the necessity for everyone in the audience to rise in respect. Brilliant. The show was good. It's the whole patriotic part that makes it a little awkward.

3. Southern homestyle cooking. This is the food that sticks to your ribs and produces the severely obese people tooting around Wal*Mart in a motorized cart. We went to Lambert's (home of the throwed roll). This particular restaurant prides itself on large portions and (you guessed it) thrown rolls. As you sit at a table with a drink cup designed for Sasquatch you roll out the paper towels in preparation for your meal. Then the waitress brings your skillet. That's right...the skillet holds the meal of chicken fried steak, sketchy seafood, or any other deep fried that tickles your fancy. After devouring the delicious heart attack, you roll yourself out and attempt to fit into a seatbelt.

All joking aside, I had a fantastic trip and I will definately do it year.

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Next year? You know that you will be back in December...