Thursday, August 23, 2007

All Right. Who stole my appendix?

I have been having some medical issues for which I recently visited the doctor. As she poked and prodded my abdomen, I felt an excruciating pain as she pressed on my right side. "Oh," she exclaimed," does that hurt?" She pushed again and the searing sensation resurfaced. "Yeah," I responded. "It's a little tender there." The doctor sent me to get an ultrasound of my abdomen to rule out appendicitis.
As I lay on the exam table, the woman conducting my ultrasound explained to me "what exactly we were looking at." She glided the sticky gel around and landed on my uterus. "OK, here is your uterus. I see that there are no congratulations in order. Your right ovary looks good, your liver is great, your gall bladder is pristine, your kidneys are wonderful, and your appendix is missing."
"Missing?" So, I restate my question. Who stole my appendix?


April said...

I hope they find it really soon!

Willy said...

Dude... That's weird. Maybe you got really drunk and had an emergency appendectomy that you're forgotten about?