Friday, August 3, 2007

National Watermelon Day!

Did you know that August 3rd is National Watermelon Day? I didn't either! Once I found out, I decided that my class will be eating watermelon, playing games, and having an all around FABULOUS time! Great. So, this was planned two months ago and I had forgotten about it until yesterday. Procrastination worked for me in college, it will certainly work for me now! This morning I woke up early to go purchase the watermelons for my classes today. At seven AM I strolled into WAL*MART (yeah, yeah. boo. hiss. whatever. good prices) with puffy eyes and a "none to pleased" look on my face. I grabbed a cart (of course the one that inevitably pulls to the left) and went in search of some beautiful watermelons. I walked through the front door and was greeted by the cheery 100-something greeter. "Good Morning and Welcome to WAL*MART!" I grumbled something in reply obviously irritated that this geezer is so damn chipper in the morning. I steered my cart to the watermelons and hoisted four large melons into my cart. Because I was tired, my mind wandered and I had two amusing thoughts.

1. One of my favorite scenes from "Dirty Dancing." Baby enters a private dance where people are "dirty dancing." When asked why she was there she replies, "I carried a watermelon." I imagined the chipper old geezer asking why I was buying four watermelons so early in the morning. "Because I am Baby. I want to carry a watermelon," I would reply. "Don't put me in the corner."

2. I also realized how ridiculous I looked. Who buys several watermelons at 7AM? ME. The procrastinator.

After I stared at the watermelons for God knows how long, I snapped out of my trance (again, really tired) and walked to check out. I got in line behind a man and began glancing at the stupid tabloids at the checkout aisle.

"What do you need all these bananas for?" asked the grating voice from behind the counter. The man mumbled something and I looked up to see that he had not one bundle, not two bundles, but EIGHT bundles of bananas. He walked away looking grumpy and sleepy.

I approached the cash register. The same grating voice asked, "Who buys a ton of bananas at 7AM?"

I smiled and thought, a procrastinator like me.

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