Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Dude not only looks like a lady, Dude is a lady.

The transgender used-to-be-man:
"You look nice today," said a gruff deep bass voice.
I slowly looked around the hall...I was the only one one around, other than a rough looking man. Something struck me as strange when I spotted the gentleman but I couldn't quite put my finger on it.
I made eye contact with him. "I'm sorry?" I asked.
"I said, you look nice today," repeated the same raspy low voice.
"Thank you. That's very kind." I figured it out! I knew what was weird about this guy. He had huge knockers! The dude must have been sporting at least a DDD. Also, he was wearing a jean skirt with a large slit up the front.
The man caught up with me.
"How is your day so far?" I looked at him to see if it was just a masculine woman but the man had a thick 5 o'clock shadow and a large Adam's apple. If that wasn't enough, the dude was obviously a man. He looked like an aging hair metal fan complete with gross stringy hair, cross and skull earrings, really hairy arms, and a beer belly.
Realizing he had asked me a question I replied, "Not so bad. How is your day?"
"Oh!" replied the man. "My day is great! My doctor finally thinks I'm ready to begin hormone replacements!"
"Wow," I said. "And that REALLY will make all the difference in the world," came out of my mouth before I turned on my filter.
"Honey, you have no idea," the new woman said proudly.

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