Friday, January 16, 2009

My style of riding off into the sunset

Well, friends. It's official. Andy and I will be heading to the land down under for our honeymoon!
Tonight we booked our flight and hotel reservations for May 1-10!!! We plan to take in the culture, observe the wildlife, experience fall in May, and swoon over the accent.
As we have never been to Australia (Melbourne, to be exact) any suggestions would be much appreciated! Please, leave me a note if you know of 'must do' activities in the roundabout area.


Angela said...

That sounds like so much fun!!! I have absolutely no clue what to do out there, so I can't give you any words of advice. But, I can certainly say that I'm happy for y'all and kind of jealous! :-)

Andrew and Ariel said...

Kangaroos, Wallabys, Crocodile Dundee, my Dad's mission, Crocodile Hunter, skydiving, opera houses, Finding Nemo, snorkeling, orange juice, clams, yams, lambchops, The Rescuers Down Under, Aborigines, camp-outs. Okay, I've never been to Australia, but I thought if I just made a list of everything that came to mind when I thought about it, something on the list might prove fruitful. And no, I have no idea what orange juice has to do with Australia. Sounds like it'll be a great trip!

Charlie Pants Music said...

my parents live in adelaide australia. i was just there this summer. absolutely love the place. my father travels to melbourne regularly and loves it. i will see what i can find out for you. if you head to adelaide i know lots of cool things there. i have pictures. just go to my blog and on the right hand side somewhere it says leah's photo album. check em out. so glad you found me on facebook. i am excited for you and andy.

love leah

Adam and Melissa said...

What an amazing Honeymoon! My brother is going on his mission to Adelaide and my husband went on his to Sydney. (Yes so we are doing something really dorky and naming our girl Sydney and Sean will have an Adelaide lol) I am very jealous~

Reagan said...

2 things.
1. I hate you
2. take me with you?
I am pretty good at packing things...and have skills in gum holding and contraceptive buying...just sayin ; )