Wednesday, October 8, 2008

The Katydid; or, that which is my enemy

After a trying day of work I pondered the idea of picking up dinner on the way home. I considered my options and decided on the Mad Greek who not only has a delicious diet chicken platter, but is also two blocks away from my home. I struggled with the idea 'Candace, you should just make something you already have' then realized that meal would consist of tater tots and a grilled cheese sandwich. Yeah, I know. It's time to go grocery shopping.

Eager to eat my delicious dinner and watch the debate, I got off the freeway and headed toward the Mad Greek. I pull up to the speaker where you order, roll down my window, and confidently tell the employee that I would like a diet chicken platter (delicious!). As I begin to pull toward the pick-up window, something flies into my car, scares the crap out of me, and decided to rest on my cheek. In my extreme surprise (including screaming), I jerked my car to the right, making a somewhat forceful contact: tire to curb. I hit the breaks, took a breath, and analyzed the situation. By this time, the large flying object had moved from my face to my shoulder. It was a katydid.

My senses recovered and I was able to drive to the window. The katydid seemed to enjoy the ride. He was not unlike a really small dog, perched on my shoulder and ready to take on the world.

"Looks like you got a friend there, miss," said the jovial Mad Greek Employee indicating the bug on my shoulder.

My facial expression must have mimicked the profanity going through my head. He promptly gave me my change and handed me my much deserved meal.

My heart rate continued to slow, but wasn't quite back to normal yet. The katydid and I pulled out of the establishment and made our way two blocks to my apartment. As I went over the speed bumps that my landlords deem necessary, my car seemed sluggish. I suspected the worst. I quickly found a parking spot and walked around to look at the flat tire. I sighed a heavy sigh. Figures. I looked at the katydid and we shrugged.

The katydid has since found a new place to live (rather than my shoulder). He found a nice hedge that he has decided to rent out and seems to be doing well. As for me, I enjoyed my chicken platter and am waiting for the tire center at Sam's Club to open.

The end.

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Reagan said...

Stupid Bug....looks like another situation to take up with Noah in the hereafter. I have had similar situations with bees. damn bees. I am sorry you got a flat.