Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Just a quick note...

This morning as I pulled into the parking structure, my normal routine was immediately halted by an idiot (let's call him Bud) trying to back into a parking spot. Bud (who obviously didn't care that some of us needed to catch the 7:15 train) attempted backing his unnecessarily large penis-mobile into a compact stall not once, but thrice.
I, as well as the four cars now stacked up behind me, waited patiently as Bud tried over and over again to achieve the perfect back in.

Here's a thought that Andy and I have discussed at great length over our 4.5 years together. People back in to save time when leaving. But really, it doesn't save any time. When it takes you four minutes to back into a stall you aren't saving any time just because you can just hit the gas when you leave. It may take 30 seconds for you to leave, but you have already wasted four minutes backing in. If you can't make it on the first shot, don't waste your time. What exactly are you trying to prove?

Bud was not exactly masterful at maneuvering his vehicle. Well done, Bud. I am really glad I didn't miss my train.



RYANE said...

Your right they use more time then they would just pulling into the parking spot and then backing out of the parking spot as they try to back in, and then they barely leave any room next to the other car and you have to use a can opener to get into your car.

Mandee Shaffer said...

Bryce Day and I call this Penis parking, because it's usually people with Penis cars that park this way. It's also usually the dickheads who are used to needing a fast gettaway car after a one night stand.