Friday, August 15, 2008

Gas prices

Yesterday I filled up my car. I drove to the nearest Tesoro and felt some .
satisfaction that the price read $3.99/gallon. Like a child at Christmas, I inserted my debit card, chose the type of gas and began filling my car. How wonderful it was to be filling up at something other than $4.17/gallon
The handle clicked, telling me that the tank was full. I grabbed the receipt that read $48.12 and climbed into my car.

Then I realized how pathetic it was. I paid $48 instead of $53. Either way it was way more than I want to put into my car twice a month. The happiness I had felt at $3.99/gallon disappeared. I am a product of conditioning.


hilary said...

Anything over $40 in a car that only has 2 doors is a travesty!

Elena Loo said...

i felt the same filling at costco the other day. "$3.93! That's cheap" I thought to myself.. then realized that its still really horrible.

shannon said...

sing it sister! when i first got my car it only took $20 to fill her up. we're being robbed. ROBBED.