Friday, April 4, 2008

With Karate I'll Kick Your Ass...

Trouble ensued today outside of the Sugarhouse Chipotle.

For Ryane's last day she decided to grace the office with the delectable treats offered at Chipotle. At 11:15, we donned our coats and made our way to get lunch. We chatted on the way to Sugarhouse, passed the time, and parked in front of the dining establishment.

We entered and paid for the food. As we were exiting Ryane was approached by a very dirty man(I am assuming he was homeless and crazy). He considered her existence in a blatant "Dirty Harry" stare. The man then decided that Ryane was the devil and
Karate commenced. He began waving his arms around while saying "Whoo-ah!". The man approached Ryane with legs flying. He hesitantly approached her with all of the grace and stealth of a truck driver.

Ryane looked at me and got in the car.

"Were you fighting that old man?" I asked.

"No, but he was scaring me," said Ryane.

This was a very close call. Ryane will live for another day.

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