Thursday, April 5, 2012

Douche Capes.

I do a lot wrong. My best way of coping with my many, many mistakes is to own it—take it in stride, really. I enjoy self-deprecating humor and believe that if you can’t laugh at yourself then you are kind of a sad person. I occasionally read through the posts I wrote years ago and enjoy reading about my wacky antics and silly slip-ups.

This post will be no different.

I was chatting with a group of coworkers about silly, inconsequential things (as we often do). Somehow the term “douche cape” entered the conversation and I found myself trying to explain what a douche cape was. After a few moments I said, “You know what? I’ll just send you some pictures. That will be easier than trying to explain it.”

I went back to my computer and searched for the optimal images to accurately depict the “Douche cape” (or a cape/shirt worn by a douche). Here are a few of those images:

I copied the images to my email titled “Douche Capes”, typed in the email addresses and confidently hit the “send” button. I continued with work with the full expectation that I would receive emails back from the recipients. The only response I got said:

“Who is Scott Smith?”

The world began spinning as I realized that name was not that of the intended recipient. I stared at the name and tried to flip through the rolodex in my head and remember who that was. Was it a work associate? Was it a doctor? Was it a committee member? Then I realized it.

It was the parent of one of the kids I know at church.

Holy crap. I sent the “Douche cape” email to a person from church.

Moral of the story: ALWAYS check the recipient line before you send an email. I am sure I won’t learn from this experience (since this was not the first time this has happened and definitely won’t be the last). But you might. You might learn from my mistakes.


Anonymous said...

"Douche capes?" I love it!!

Kirsten said...

too funny. I have done this, I wonder if there is anyone who hasn't?