Wednesday, September 10, 2008

The people in charge of your well being

I am well versed in the ways of insurance companies. I speak in code and I can usually spout jargon at any given time. I impress Andy with my vast knowledge of billing codes that correspond with various diagnoses and procedures that you may find in your run of the mill orthopedic clinic.
In my time here I have dealt with some very helpful people, some very unhelpful people, and some down-right incompetent people. This post pertains to the latter.

The People in Charge of Your Well Being:

"Pregnancy will be covered as any other sickness" a quote from a recording one must sit through to speak to a customer service representative. This isn't about an incompetent person; it just struck me as silly.

"Why does a dentist care if a kid has screws in his hips?" a quote from a confused person who didn't know the difference between an orthopedist and an orthodontist.

"We need a diagnosis to approve the requested diagnostic service." An answer given to me by a customer service representative of a very large and popular insurance company.

An actual conversation:
Rep: "What is your name?"
Me:"Candace. May I have yours?"
Me:"No, that's my name. May I have your name?"
Rep:"Your name? Candace"
Me:"Right. Candace. That's my name. What's yours?"
Me:"Your name is Candace?"
Rep:"No. It's Theresa."

To think, these are the people that decide whether your surgery will be approved. Brilliant. Who says we don't need Health Care reform?


April said...

So scary! I read this out loud to a co-worker. She was appalled.

Anonymous said...

I just laughed out loud at work! I'm glad that she was so certain of your name. That's a key to making a good first impression and closing the sale. Well done, Candace. I'll be honest with you Candace, you have the greatest stories ever, Candace.