Tuesday, July 10, 2007

One is the lonliest number

I recently moved into a new apartment. Not only is it a new apartment (and a cute one at that!) but this is the first time I have truly lived by myself. No roommate, no family...just me. I gotta tell you, it is lonely! I called my sister and my mom just because I needed conversation.

Last night I was unpacking my kitchen in the sweltering heat (due to a lack of air conditioning). While talking with my mother, my kitchen light (the ONLY source of light) managed to fail. I couldn't figure out why God decided to frown on me. I grumbled to my mom and went out at 9pm in search of some sort of lamp. I ran to the nearest Fred Meyer a purchased a set of 4...just in case.

With a new source of light under my arm, I proudly marched back to my apartment to find...the damn kitchen light was on! I was baffled. Grudgingly I left my newly acquired item in its box and went back to washing my brand new dishes. I completed my task and put them away when, the kitchen light turned off...again. ARG! Not to worry. I had my trusty lamp.

In the darkness I tore open the box, extracted the lamp with little grace, fumbled around for a light bulb, then searched for an open outlet. For those of you who currently reside in a dwelling built before indoor plumbing became popular, you will understand the extreme lack of outlets. Then, EUREKA! I found one. I plugged the lamp in and was flooded with the heavenly light of...my kitchen light. What the hell? I shrugged and turned the lamp on anyway. I was tickled to see that it too emitted light.

It wasn't too long before I decided to take a shower and go to bed (only to find out that my tub doesn't like to drain...only four days in and already the place is falling apart!). I climbed into bed, turned off the light and listened to nothingness. Silence. I don't like the feeling of knowing that I am the only one there. No roommate. No boyfriend. It was just me. Alone. I understand that everyone needs to live alone and have their own space...but I don't enjoy it all that much. I am not looking for advice. I am just sending this out there wondering if anyone can relate...at least about the lamp.

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